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What is a gay person supposed to look like? Don\'t have an answer? How about this: what is an ally supposed to look like? Still not sure? Help us end destructive stereotypes of LGBT+ people and their supporters! Join the movement. Help us answer: what is?


Help Hope is Ready continue to make a difference in the lives of so many at Hope college and beyond.

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Last year we fought to end the silence. This year we stand together to make our voices heard. Learn more about how you can get involved.

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DOMA and Prop 8

Greetings HiR supporters, In the wake of the decisions made yesterday I thought it was pertinent to send out an email. We as an organization were unbelievably thrilled to hear the news the SCOTUS overturned DOMA and Prop 8. The fight for equality rages on, and this was an incredible victory for equality rights. As […]

Response to the Day of Silence Picket

Last week, on the day of silence, a group of students and community members stood outside the chapel and Phelps hall picketing the college and its stance on Homosexuality. We felt it pertinent to respond to the recent incident, not only because we have now acted as the LGBT rights organization on campus for 5 […]

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T-shirts now on sale

Hope is Ready has finally posted their t-shirt designs! The design features a new HiR logo that blends all gender symbols into one unified circle, showing the equality of all people and all genders. The quote on the back reads, “In the end we will not remember the words of our enemies, but rather the […]

SIAG gains momentum

Hope is ready has recently been working vigorously to pull together their largest event ever. The dream started when the Leaders and Members of HiR agreed that we wanted to make a difference by ending the silence surrounding LGBTQ people. We realized quickly that not only do we face the problem of open discrimination, but […]

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Hope is Ready Newsletter

Hope is Ready Newsletter December 2012 HiR has seen a lot of activity this school year and now as exams are closing in, it is the ideal time to reflect on the past semester and look forward to the next. Website We have a new website!! It looks great and donations can be made directly […]

HiR gets attention by local media for Silent March

Hope is Ready was highlighted on local Michigan news this week to bring attention to the Silent march we hosted on Sunday. The news media helped us bring attention to the Silence that Hope is Ready and Silence Isn’t Always Golden fights against. Check out the news story here: http://www.wwmt.com/shared/newsroom/top-stories/stories/wmmt_vid_4976.shtml

HiR hosts the Silent Walk

Hope Is Ready, the student-organized LGBTQIA rights group, is holding a Silent March on Sunday, October 14th. All participants will remain voiceless during the march to represent the silencing that the homosexual community experiences from harassment, abuse, and isolation. LGBTQIA people have been forced into a place of hiding. The toxic and overwhelming silence forced […]

SIAG kicks off

Silence Isn’t Always Golden marks it’s first milestone with the creation of its own website. Hope is Ready leadership is hopeful that this online access to the event will help promote its ideals, raise the money necessary to further its mission, and most importantly: raise awareness of the issues revolving around the silence that penetrates […]


  • Hope is Ready started to make a change, and I was so glad I could be a part of that change.

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